Slip Dress w/ Sicily Pattern Hacked (low back)

Wow wow wow I am so in love with the Sicily Dress pattern by Sewing Masin. I made this pattern back in March for my birthday trip to Puerto Rico but we were so busy having a freakin blast that I forgot to take a proper picture in it. I decided to use this same pattern to make a dress for an event I attended in October. The event was called 50 Shades of Pink and it is put on by a nonprofit organization called Blossoming Butterflies. This organization provides support to women who are either currently battling breast cancer or have successfully overcome but still have hardships due to all that it takes to literally fight for their lives. If you would like to support this nonprofit please visit I had to take a moment to share because they are doing some amazing things for the women in their community.

Pattern Review

This pattern is very easy to follow and the instructions are impeccable.However, if you lack patience this is not the one for you lol. You will want to take your time on this one and trust me when I say it will all be worth it. The pattern pieces are cut on the bias and that can be tricky but my girl Mimi G has some tips to help you with that right HERE. I have searched this pattern on IG and I must say it looks flattering on all body shapes and sizes, truly a WINNER. One of my absolute favorite things about this pattern is that the seams are finished with french seams and I had never done that until I made this pattern– game changer! I would definitely make this pattern as is and I have already made it twice. I have modified it both times only because I own a lot of slip dresses (they are a fave) and so I wanted to get creative and added something new to my wardrobe.


Now for the details on this dress! I almost never make a pattern the exact way it is meant to be made because I like a little leg action, back action, etc LOL! Last time I made this pattern I added some scrunching on one side. This time I decided that I wanted to make a low cut in the back of the dress. I started by tracing off the back pattern piece and then deciding how low I wanted the back to dip down– I did 9 inches because any lower and it would have be a free show LOL. I measured straight down from the middle of the pattern piece and put a marking at 9 inches. Then I used my ruler and made a straight line from that middle marking back up to the top to the inner edge of both straps. See sketches below.

In order to make it the maxi length, I added 15 inches to the bottom of the original hem. I would have made it even longer but in order to still cut my fabric on the bias that was as long as I could go.


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