Launched A New Business


I am super excited to announce that after months of hard work and attention to a lot of detail and so much more I have finally launched my new business! If you haven’t already checked it out head over to! I have so many things in store for Classyfied brand and I plan to share more behind the scenes here on my blog.

As you may know, I quit teaching in January 2020 after 5.5 years and went on to become a flight attendant. After about 8 months I was furloughed from my flight attendant job and I decided it was time to bet on myself and do the things I have dreamed of for years. I am currently working on my loungewear and athletic wear line that will be releasing this year. I am also about to work on my next big project for my new site.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have been supporting me in this journey. And if you are new, WELCOME. I have always been a dreamer and I have endless ideas but I am now putting action behind these ideas and it is so empowering and fulfilling in ways I can’t even explain. If you have any questions about the process I am more than happy to answer them based on what I currently know as far as being a new business owner, just ask below. If you have any words of advice that we all could benefit from please share that in the comments as well.

I look forward to blooming with you all. <3


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