Life of a Flight Attendant on Airport Standby

I decided to share with you all what it was like being on standby at the airport for work. As a new flight attendant my mainline has new hires on reserve for the first full year. During reserve, you are either on call for 12 hours or you do a 6-hour sit at the airport. I have mainly been on call but this past week I did two airport standbys.

I wasn’t sure what standby life would be like and so I thought it would be cool to share with you all. I got a lot done during my sit and it was nice catching up with classmates… while doing some social distancing of course. Being an essential worker during this pandemic can be such a scary thing but I am focusing on what I can control and not worrying about things I cannot control. I will continue to do things to boost my immune system, utilize my mask and wash my hands after EVERYTHING!

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