Never A Failure, AAlways An Opportunity! Pt. 2

Sooooo do you all remember THIS blog post… where I shared how I applied to work at one of the largest airlines back in 2017 but after making it all the way through the hiring process I did not receive a conditional job offer. Well, I also applied in 2018 and after making it all the way to the face-to-face/ one-on-one interview it ended the same way…no CJO. As you can see I believed in myself. I believed that I had what it takes to be an amazing Flight Attendant so I didn’t give up on MYSELF. I was determined to continue pursuing this job until the recruiters saw in me what I saw in myself. I did nothing differently- that is a common question people often wonder after hearing that the third time was a charm. There were different recruiters the third time and they all saw what the others didn’t and I am okay with that.

I am grateful for the timing of all of this. I was able to teach some of the most amazing students and build bonds that will never be broken. I am also grateful for even graduating because it was a close one. As you all know Corona Virus aka COVID19 is causing the world to slowly shut down and that also goes for Flight Attendant training. I was in class two after moving from class one to be able to attend my friends’ wedding. Class one graduated 3/17 and three days later my class graduated four days early! I am thankful for EVERYONE who made this possible.

I am a proud member of Team Auckland training class 20-02! Although our time was cut short, so we could graduate, I am beyond grateful for my classmates and will forever cherish the memories that we made together. Being away from family and friends for five weeks was much harder than I thought it would be. I missed out on loved one’s birthdays and I was also in training during my birthday and I really LOVE birthdays. My classmates and instructors took time out to celebrate me and I truly appreciated every bit of it.

Pre-birthday celebration/ day off!

I can’t say enough about these three amazing instructors I was blessed with! Just know I am thankful that the stars aligned and I was moved to class two and placed in Team Auckland! NOTHING happens by mistake…everything was predestined! Thank you for everything Anna Sophia, Andrew, and Keith! My new besties whom I LOVE so much!

Grateful for this Queen! She wasn’t thrilled to be based in PHL at first but together we will make the most of it bc we will have each other!

We are the team with the BIGGEST HEARTS,

Best Preparation,

Deepest Passion,

Strongest Togetherness,

World’s best roomie right behind me! I love you Kelleigh!

and will to Succeed!

This day of productivity is ours!

Let’s create and capture greatness!

Meet me in the Sky!



  1. April 6, 2020 / 11:00 am

    So happy for you Danesha! Congratulations! 💋

    • Treasure (Nikki)
      April 6, 2020 / 12:55 pm

      How exciting!!!!! You are perfect for this. I love that you kept going and believed in yourself. I wish you all the success. Congratulations Beauty!!! 🎉

        April 8, 2020 / 12:18 pm

        Thank you, my beautiful friend! I can’t wait to hop on a flight for an in-person class! <3

      April 6, 2020 / 8:15 pm

      Thank you Aja! <3

  2. April 6, 2020 / 11:04 am

    Congratulations!!! Kudos to you for not giving up! I hope you enjoy this new adventure.

      April 6, 2020 / 8:16 pm

      Thank you Tiff! Grateful for the childhood lesson of believing in myself!

  3. Jill
    April 6, 2020 / 11:24 am

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new adventure. Can’t wait to continue this journey with you.

      April 6, 2020 / 8:16 pm

      Thank you Jill! I look forward to sharing this journey 🙂

  4. Brian
    April 6, 2020 / 11:27 am

    So happy for you and I know you will do great things!

      April 6, 2020 / 8:16 pm

      Thank you bro!!

  5. April 6, 2020 / 11:40 am

    Congratulations and yesssssss God to going for what you want out of life and never giving up!!

    • Tameka
      April 6, 2020 / 7:36 pm

      Congratulations Family Blessings Stay Bless my Love Giving Up is never An option What’s For you is For you Allow God To Showwww Out

      April 6, 2020 / 8:17 pm

      Thank you Nef! NEVER giving up!

  6. Monica
    April 6, 2020 / 11:41 am

    Congratulations sis!! So so proud of you!!!

      April 6, 2020 / 8:18 pm

      Thank you sis! I will be back to Dallas soon to see you!

  7. April 6, 2020 / 11:46 am

    Congratulations beautiful. Look what determination can do!

      April 6, 2020 / 8:18 pm

      Yes indeed! Thank you!

  8. Gilda Brown
    April 6, 2020 / 11:47 am

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are so inspiring and I am so happy for you and proud of you. Can’t wait to see your new adventures!!

      April 6, 2020 / 8:18 pm

      Thank you Gilda! I can’t wait to share them!!

  9. Jessica Weche
    April 6, 2020 / 11:48 am

    Amazing job Danesha! I wish you all the best

      April 6, 2020 / 8:21 pm

      Thank you Jessica I appreciate it!

      April 8, 2020 / 12:17 pm

      Thank you Krystal!

  10. Jacquelyn
    April 6, 2020 / 11:52 am


      April 8, 2020 / 12:17 pm

      Thank you Jacquelyn!

  11. Kelley
    April 6, 2020 / 12:01 pm

    Awww so awesome, you will make an amazing flight attendant.

      April 8, 2020 / 12:17 pm

      I appreciate that, ty!

  12. Kizzie
    April 6, 2020 / 12:08 pm

    Congratulations on your new position. You are going to be amazing ☺️

      April 8, 2020 / 12:17 pm

      Thank you love!

  13. April 6, 2020 / 12:53 pm

    Congratulations Danesha!!! You are going to kill it! So glad you persevered and stayed the course!

      April 8, 2020 / 12:18 pm

      Thank you Christine! I am too! 🙂

  14. Rhonda
    April 6, 2020 / 1:01 pm

    OMG!! When I tell you I had goosebumps and tears reading this… I am so very proud of you as if you were one of my children.Congratulations,stay safe and many blessings to you!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😁😁😁💙💙💙

      April 8, 2020 / 12:19 pm

      Omg, thank you Rhonda! 🙂

  15. Adria Shanelle
    April 6, 2020 / 1:17 pm

    Congratulations Danesha! You definitely have to live your life and follow your dreams!

  16. Asia
    April 6, 2020 / 1:19 pm

    Congratulations auntie ! I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments , thank you for showing others it’s ok to be denied ! just because things are hard , that does not mean it’s not of god ! I love you

  17. Alexis
    April 6, 2020 / 1:34 pm

    Congratulations beautiful!!!! So happy for you chica ❤️.

  18. April 6, 2020 / 1:53 pm

    You said something so key that spoke to me! You believed in yourself and kept going until the recruiters saw in you what you saw in yourself! We take other people’s perspective as law and downplay our own so often which causes us to move on prematurely. Thanks you for this and congrats on this career change, this new chapter. This is awesome!

  19. Nicole Johnson
    April 6, 2020 / 1:58 pm

    No one else I know more deserving of this then you!! May your dreams exceed your expectations and I am sure we will see you soon! I can not wait to show Payton all of your amazing pictures!! God Blessings upon you Diva!!😘

  20. Anna Marie
    April 6, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    Congratulations so happy that you stuck to it! Perseverance in action

  21. Reta
    April 6, 2020 / 2:25 pm

    Congratulations! You got this!!

  22. April 6, 2020 / 4:26 pm

    Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!! That’s what believing in yourself does!!! Have an amazing new career!!

  23. Georgie
    April 6, 2020 / 5:42 pm

    Congratulations. I guess the worst thing about the new job is that you won’t be able to wear your beautiful creations at work.

  24. Sylvie
    April 6, 2020 / 6:34 pm


  25. Emma
    April 6, 2020 / 7:01 pm

    What a well articulated article along with a clear passion to succeed. I’m proud of you girl and I can’t wait to see what new adventures await you in the sky! I love you and hope to see you soon! You and your training group look stunning by the way!

  26. Khalifa
    April 6, 2020 / 9:31 pm

    Congrats soo inspiring ! You go girl!

  27. April 6, 2020 / 10:37 pm

    OMGOSH! This is absolutely AWESOME! I’m so proud of you for staying the course and persevering. Wow! When you know who you are and what you want, then go after it with a confident vengeance—nobody can keep you from it. God’s timing is PERFECT! Congratulations and enjoy your new beginning!

  28. April 7, 2020 / 7:43 am

    Congratulations!! I love this story! So powerful! I love what you said, “until the recruiters saw in me what I see in myself”! Powerful! I’m happy for you.

  29. Sabrina Trapp
    April 7, 2020 / 8:10 pm

    There’s only one way to put this— you are the mutha fuckin SHIT.
    But you already know this. And it’s my favorite thing about you. 😉💜

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