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Today I want to share a little deeper with you all the back story to the time I modeled at my friend’s 50 Shades of Pink! event. I want to share something I experienced in order to inspire YOU to take action. First of all, I was supposed to be in Jamaica celebrating another friend’s Bachelorette party but I was unable to make it. I ended up getting a last-minute ticket to attend this event seeing that I was still in town.

When I arrived at the event I saw that there would be a fashion show hosted by Elegant Coutour. I realized that it was the same boutique my friend asked me a while ago if I was available to do promo for them but I was unable to make it. Once I saw that there was going to be a fashion show I said to my friend who had come with me that I want to be in the show. I modeled one semester in college and after that, I enjoyed every opportunity I got to strut on a runway.

Fast forward to moments before the show was set to begin. I told my friend I would be right back I was going to run to the restroom before it started. Next thing you know I am texting her that I am going to be in the show!

When I got to the bathroom I saw the mother (the boutique is owned by a mother and daughter duo) and she needed help zipping up her dress. As I assisted her with the zipper I said, “If you all ever need a model in the future I would love…” and before I could finish she was like, “Really!? Because we need one now!”

Next thing you know I am in the dressing room and she is handing me the first set and telling me to get dressed quickly because they have already started. I had no undershirt and only the shoes I wore to the event. I made it work! No, I killed it! I had so much fun and the crowd reaction was priceless.

Oh yes, I also witness my friend’s surprise proposal at her event! The moral of the story is close mouths don’t get fed aka speak up because you have not because you ask not. Also sometimes you have plans for yourself but you end up in the right place at the right time!


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  1. Nicole Johnson
    April 6, 2020 / 1:56 pm

    I love you soooo much!! I am so proud to only call you Miss. Dee the teacher but my friend. You came into my daughters life at a vital time and formed a bond that will never be broken in our family. Thank you for your genuine personality and love for kids. So much greater for you!! Love you Dee and make time for 50 shades this year if you can!😘

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