Classyfied Designs: First Pop Up!

So I think I have finally found the words to express my feelings after having my first ever pop up at the Indie Flea Market at Auk Market: FULFILLED & PROUD. I had so much support surrounding this event but I will say that it all started with ME taking the initial steps and deciding to apply for this event. I made a plan and then executed it. I used a large post it from a flip chart and then wrote things that needed to be done onto small post it notes and as I accomplished them I removed the sticky note and placed them on the back (see below). Each day I wrote down a few tasks to work on in my planner and as I completed them I checked them off. Honestly it was another true taste of a starting entrepreneur– work after work.
I will be posting an IGTV video talking more about how I prepared for this event, what I did to stand out and more! For now I wanted to post photos so that you all can see some footage of my successful pop-up! My sister and friend came out to help me set up and run my store. I also had a student from four years ago come out with her mom to support along with friends and a co-worker.
I am a visual person and I had to see the full set up before the actual event since this was my very first one. I cleared out my living room and did a full set up of everything minus the tent–which I was super close to putting up as well. Be sure to follow me on IG @classyfiedlife to hear more about this amazing experience and how I made it happen!

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