Shoulders & A Little Leg

So I finally finished this skirt that I started months ago. As I just typed that first sentence I had a mini epiphany. Sometimes we begin a good thing and we get distracted or “too busy” to finish what we started. I want to encourage you to take a pause and finish off that degree, that business idea, that laundry…whatever that thing may be for you at this present moment.

I believe that a thought alone is the beginning of something good. You thought about that clothing line you want to start but then fear, doubt, and a plethora of other things stopped you. Then you decided that you aren’t ready, now is not the time, or you have other things you need to be focusing on. I am talking to MYSELF and YOU right now. It is time we ALL do the things that scare us. My approach to things in life is to feel the fear and do it anyways! When we face our fears we strengthen our faith and belief in ourselves. Remember if you try and it doesn’t work out at least you now know because you actually went through with it. You no longer have that “what if?” question hanging over your head. What is something that you have been too afraid to try? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

Now for the details on this fabulous look. The top is one of my faves and actually the same pattern I used in my last blog post here. It is McCalls 7757 view C. The skirt is Mimi G‘s Simplicity 8927 view C. I used this linen from Joann for the skirt and the top was made with chambray that I picked up a long time ago from Joann. I think I am on a trend of off the shoulder tops with high split skirts!

I will be making this skirt again but next time I will grade more from waist to hips to accommodate my measurements. When I made this one I graded a bit but my hip area ended up being a bit too tight so I opted for less buttons and more leg which I actually LOVE!


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