The Unruly Retreat

The retreat was held at Breathless Riviera Cancun

Hey y’all! I have decided to do a recap for you all but this one will be photo heavy and minimal text since a lot of what took place at the retreat is private so be sure to be at the next one!

A few weeks ago I assisted with producing a retreat for over 140 women with a company called Curvy Curly Conscious. It was such an amazing opportunity to serve all of these women and bond with them. This retreat was a perfect mix of namaste and turn-up.

The ladies were greeted by our amazing team and drinks! Hey Chan!

The Unruly Retreat presented by Curvy Curly Conscious

This amazing backdrop went from our event in Atlanta to D.C. and then all the way to Cancun. The ladies took some of the most beautiful pictures in front of it throughout their time at the retreat. It has now traveled all the way home with me and I can’t wait to figure out how I can utilize it in my classroom!

I greeted the amazing women and gave them their bag of goodies!

My post at check-in was handing out the swag bags and as you can see I had a good ole time doing it. Heeeeeyyyyyy girl! I truly enjoy meeting so many beautiful and friendly women who came ready to have a good time!


On the first night, we had an orientation. During orientation, Shelah reminded the women that this is THEIR vacation and it is up to them to decide how much namaste they want as well as how much turn-up.

She Investigates

The first workshop led by Shelah was she investigates. In this workshop, the women were guided to take a closer look at certain aspects of their lives.

Yoga led by Shanay

Each morning there was kemetic yoga led by Shanay Norvell.

She Discovers

The second workshop led by Shelah was she discovers. In this session the ladies dug deep to uncover the things that are holding them back.

Free Day

There was a free day scheduled in so that women could go off and explore, do excursions or just relax and enjoy the amenities at the resort. I opted to stay, get lit and enjoy the resort!

Neon Night

On the third night, we all wore neon and it was epic! See for yourself! We also encouraged the women to get to know one another and

So much beauty in one photo!

In the third session, the women were encouraged to invite peace into their lives and open up to letting go.

Qoya led by Lisa

There were a couple of afternoons where qoya was led by Lisa and it was so freeing and allows you to feel with your body. If you have never done it I highly recommend it.

She Imagines

The fourth session, she imagines, is where the women connected with their inner creativity.

She Takes Risk

The final session focused on taking risks and taking action! The ladies did a trust exercise with a partner and then created a plan of action that they will begin to implement right away.

She Takes Action
Neon Pool Party

Then, of course, we had to take a moment to celebrate all of our hard work during this retreat!

Dream Team aka Staff

It was such an honor and a pleasure to serve alongside these women for The Unruly Retreat!

She is Reborn

The closing ceremony was an opportunity for the women to be reborned and let go of something they feel had been holding them back.


We then watched a recap video of the retreat and a slideshow. We laughed, cried and celebrated with one another. This retreat was truly life-changing and I look forward to next year!

It’s a wrap!


  1. Amber Joyner
    August 19, 2019 / 7:30 am

    1. This is beautiful!
    2. I’m all about the curly curvy conscious movement and hope that I’ll be able to afford to come to a retreat one day.
    3. I want to get my hands on an unruly swimsuit! My IG is @ms_onaturale.

  2. Kadesha
    August 20, 2019 / 1:09 am

    Wow!! Definitely want to do one of these with you ! Amazing

      August 29, 2019 / 8:55 am

      Aww thanks cuz! It would be amazing to have you at the next one!

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