First Time in the Desert

So as I was planning my trip to Los Angeles for Mimi and Norris’ wedding I decided that I wanted to experience being near water and then more of a nature vibe. I chose to stay in Marina Del Rey right off the marina and then take a mini road trip to Joshua Tree.

The drive to and from Joshua tree was beautiful. Without traffic the drive would be two hours but well we all now that’s like rare in LA! The drive there was about four hours and the return trip was about two and a half hours. There are a few things to note when taking a trip to Joshua Tree, or the desert period.

  1. I would suggest renting a vehicle that can handle driving on dirt roads. I opted for this beautiful Jeep below because it was the perfect time to test out my next vehicle! Speak it into existence!

2. Be sure to buy a few snacks and food items for the duration of your stay. There was a Wal Mart and some other shopping and restaurants about 20 minutes away from my air bnb. I opted for breakfast food because that is my fave!

3. Don’t be afraid to explore a little, but be PREPARED! I decided to take a trip to the National Park and almost forgot that there is no cell reception in the park but when you enter the park you will receive a map. You can also map it on your phone and screenshot the directions so that you also have it on your phone. I still suggest you keep track on the paper map just incase your phone dies.

4. If you really love the outdoors like I do I would suggest finding an air bnb with amenities that will allow for you to truly enjoy your time out in the desert. My place had a soaking tub and chairs on an open patio outside of the sliding door. It also had an outdoor seating area with a bench and dining table under a covered patio.

If you have any tips to add or questions for me drop a comment below!



  1. Kimika
    June 26, 2019 / 2:45 pm

    Inspired. Taking a trip to the desert next month! Can’t wait!

    *You look beautiful btw!

      July 9, 2019 / 9:07 pm

      Yes! Do it and let me know how it goes! And thank you!!

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