A Clutch to Remember

Today was the last day of my fifth year of teaching. I shed many tears— all tears of joy. I watched these babies grow into amazing young humans. We taught one another a lot in the course of ten month. Three days ago I began to think how I would commemorate this class (in the past years I have had them draw on a dress/shirt) but this year I wanted to switch it up. I happen across giveawayand I decided WE would enter.

I had to make clutch using canvas fabric and incorporate things like pom poms and sequence. I went out and bought all the materials and we basically painted ourselves in one day with guidance from me of course- lol. I left the faces blank because I love the abstract art. I brought it to school after I sewed it all up last night and added some bling (seqence) to our shoes. This project is more than a clutch for an entry but it is the last thing my class and I did together. I taught them at the very beginning that teamwork makes the dream work.

I love them and I love everything about this oversized clutch! My first time working with poms and I’m trying to figure out what took so long! All supplies are from JOANN.

List of materials:

  1. Duck Canvas
  2. Acrylic Paints
  3. Mixed Sequins
  4. Zipper
  5. Lining

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