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Sew this has been a loooong time coming!  I was scrolling my IG timeline and saw a post of my sewing space back in December 2017 and the caption read, “I promise to blog about it for you all who want deets.” So here I am a year later… as promised lol. I am now working on adding some machines into the mix as well. I was just given an older BabyLock Esente a few weeks ago and I cannot wait to get it up and running and I will also own a brand new sewing machine very soon. Oh yes! I am also looking for a custom dress form so if you have suggestions for one please leave it below in the comments! Enough small talk lets get to why you are really here!

All of my furniture in my sewing room is from Ikea! Let’s begin with my favorite part of my sewing room. This is where I store a majority of my fabric- just did a major clearing out of some fabrics that I will post for sale over on my Instagram. The frames can be found here and the basket inserts can be found here. In total they cost $40 for the two sets. In order to make a table top I decided to use a pegboard that I never got around to hanging on the wall because it’s pretty much impossible to put things on my concrete walls. I chose to display the two magazines I have been featured in on a cute little stand I got on sale at Michaels. he mini sewing machine box is a gem a friend found while shopping in TJ Maxx and I store my serger presser feet in it.

You can find similar buckets in your local Wal Mart, Dollar Tree or craft store. I use these buckets to store all my writing utensils, marking tools, smaller sewing tools, i.e: seam ripper, seam gauge and chalk. I also use one to store all of my different sewing tags. I got the magnetic giraffe from Target and it’s one of my favorites- cleans up pins real quick. I like to display current projects on the board because sometimes some things really do seem impossible until it’s done!

I picked out the legs and tabletop individually to get the exact look I was going for. The table top measures 61×29 1/2 ” and can be found here. The legs are only $50 and they come in two different colors here! I have attached two lamps on the table ends and those can be found here. The first time around I got silver/gray lights but when I went back for lights for my cutting table they were all gone so I got white ones which I like better!

For my spools of thread I have a mega rack that holds 60 normal spools of thread which I got from Joann. I also have a rack that holds up to 33 cones of serger thread and one for my bobbin thread and it can hold up to 32!

I wanted a place in my sewing room where I could place a list of things that need to be done, inspo, vision and much more. So, I decided to make a board which is just a foam board covered in fabric! I just used my hot glue gun to glue the fabric onto the back edges of the foam board.

The shelving unit above is a Kallax unit from Ikea and it came with a desk attatchment that I no longer use– it was my first sewing “table”. You can buy just the shelving unit here. My dressforms are from Joann and really serve more as a form of decor but this year I plan to get one from Classy Forms or somewhere else.

My ironing board was my Christmas gift in 2017 from my sister! It is very large and has a few added features I love. You can get yours here from Bed Bath & Beyond! I also bought a cheap ($1.29!) trash can from Ikea which I use to store my interfacing and batting.

I got a stand to place in my sewing room to display some of my beautiful makes and it is actually very motivating when I look over and see how much I have done!

On the left is the starter machine that I purchased back in January 2014. Mimi G recommended the Brother cs6000i and it has worked like a charm for me! I am however getting a Babylock sewing machine in a month or two. On the right is my serger machine which I won at the Mimi G Conference. It is a Babylock Imagine. The table that I have my machines on can be found here and I recommend getting the fifth leg in the middle of the table so that it does not start to dip.

I keep all my leftover yardage after working with ankara fabric! One day I will make some sort of quilted look with all the pieces.

No sewing room is complete without a place to admire your garment while you make it and after it is complete. I purchased this mirror two years ago during a Black Friday sale at Wal Mart. The baskets are used to store my sewing patterns and you can find those here.


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