Best Gift Ever

This Christmas my sister and I exchanged Christmas lists as we always do and I saw that she wanted a coat so I asked her to send me an example of what she wanted. My intentions were NOT to make it but to either 1. buy the one she sent or 2. find a similar one if I decided to get that item off her list. I asked her for details on a few other things she wanted and then I looked back at the coat and quickly searched my stash because I was about 99.9% sure I had a similar coat pattern. I was right, Simplicity 1254! I wish I could include her reaction when she finally realized I made it! She was so grateful and just in pure awe of the coat and then as she laid it down on the couch in front of her she did a double take at the hang tag and then her jaw dropped and she exclaimed, “Wait! You made it! You made this!!”

I think that this coat was my greatest make of 2018 and I am beyond pleased with every single detail. ALL the seams lined up perfectly. It was my first time fulling lining something this intricate, hand sewing a snap and actually doing ALL of the hand sewing that the pattern instructions called for! Usually when I am sewing and it says to hand sew I find a way to do it on my machine. This was a true labor of love and seeing my sister’s reaction made it all worth it.

In case you want to recreate the look or get your hands on this amazing fabric here are the links! The lining and the wool blend.

I absolutely adore this coat! I want to make myself something similar without the added shawl/hood.
I love that the shawl can also be worn as a hood- an added bonus to keep your head and ears warm!
Princess seams are my new favorite!
This lining IS EVERYTHING! My sister and I both love some animal print so I already knew this coat would be lined with it!
All my seams were lined up perfectly! I am well pleased with this make!

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  1. Randi
    January 4, 2019 / 6:53 pm

    Wow! I can imagine your sister was so happy with this coat and especially that you made it! It is gorgeous, love the light camel color outside and that lining is perfect! So classy and classic!

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