I AM Resilient

Sooo I had a quick trip to D.C. planned for the weekend of 9/14 to attend a Natural Hair Expo with my boo Shelah Marie who was going to be teaching a workshop on self-love. What I did not know was that that weekend was going to show me how resilient I am and how I truly know how to not sweat the “small” things and find the joy in everything that life throws at me.

Let’s start at the beginning. On Friday after school I went to run a few quick errands- so I thought. Basically, I ended up arriving at the Gainesville Airport (small regional airport) a little less than 30 mins. before my flight was to actually take-off and then they said the flight was gone- it wasn’t BUT I was late so I knew I just had to let it go. I immediately texted my friend and we both started looking for other options because they wanted to rebook my flight for the next day and I wouldn’t get in until after 2:00 pm on Saturday and by then I would have missed the damn event! God is good! There was ONE more flight out of Gainesville on the only other airline that operates out of that airport and so I bought a NEW ticket. I MADE it to D.C. and that was all that matter!


The event was amazing! I have included so pics below just to show you all a little of what was taking place at this expo. I also got the opportunity to see a friend I made during our first CCC Retreat this past summer. Well all good things come to an end or so they say… so Saturday evening Shelah and I headed to the airport to head home. Upon arrival at the airport, I went to AA counter to check-in only to discover that my flight had been CANCELLED! I hadn’t booked said flight and for whatever reason, I had not been given this update prior to my arrival. THANK GOD for friends in high places– I mean in D.C. As the super sweet AA agent worked on rebooking me for Sunday night I got on the phone and called my high school bestie to see if I could stay with her for the night. Let me add here that I had been trying to find a way to possibly extend my trip to see her and while booking that didn’t happen. Looks like MY WILL be done in D.C. as it is in FL. Lol!

Well an extra day in D.C. turned into Sunday Brunch and rooftop vibes until it was time to head home! On my way to the airport, I saw that my connecting flight from Charlotte to Gainesville had been delayed. No biggie I would just get home at 1:00 am instead of midnight. I could deal. Then when I arrived at CLT I waited at my gate for about an hour then they redirected us to a new gate where they said they had an aircraft for us. Once we arrived at that gate they announced  that the flight was further delayed and the new ETA would be 2:45 am. Ok, no biggie right?? Then BOOM they hit us with, “Sorry to announce but flight XYZ has been canceled, please proceed to the help desk for assistance in rebooking your flight.” Mind you I had work in the morning. Well to sum it all up I received a voucher for a very rinky-dink hotel room and rebooked my flight for the following morning. Can you guess what happened when I arrived for that flight?? Well, it was delayed of course. I eventually made it home and went into work!

During this entire weekend, I made THE MOST of every moment! I didn’t complain. I simply enjoyed each moment and reminded myself that I am resilient. This one was definitely one for the books!




  1. Randi
    January 4, 2019 / 6:00 pm

    Awesome! You’ve come to a realization at a young age what I’m just now learning at 65 – life is what happens along the way, so just accept the hassles and “inconveniences” which as you say,vofye turn out to be blessings in disguise. So many people waste so much time and energy complaining about every little thing.

    • classyfiedstyle@gmail.com
      January 7, 2019 / 9:22 am

      Yes! If we can just focus on being present there is always a blessing within all of life lessons!

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