Fanny Pack is Back


I know you all have seen fanny packs making a comeback. I am really excited about it because quite frankly they are super cute and hella convenient. I wanted to make one for my recent trip to Jamaica but I didn’t get to it. So, I decided that I would make one to wear for the Fourth of July seeing that I have been sitting on this stripe and star canvas fabric for over two years.

First, I began searching for a pattern to use and I saw a few for sale but the reviews weren’t all that good. I then came across a free pattern and a YouTube video where the girl was actually using the same pattern I had found! You can find her video here and the pattern here. I will say that when I make my next one I will be adding about an inch or two to all my pattern pieces so that my fanny pack is a little larger. If you haven’t noticed I finally got my own labels! They are from mountainstreetarts, a shop on Etsy and that specializes in custom clothing labels. This is my first project using one and I am testing out the design so let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

 No matter how you chose to spend your 4th of July I hope you enjoyed every bit of it like I did! I am gearing up for my next vacation to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island this upcoming week, be sure to follow me on IG so that you don’t miss it!


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