LA Edition: Sweet Treats & Good Eats

I love food and so, of course, I ate a lot of yummy things during my trip to LA. I want to share with you all my favorite things I had. It’s only right that I start with dessert. I had a fruity pebbles ice cream macaroon from MILK. The ice cream tastes like the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal– YUM!

 I had the Bru’s French Toast from Bru’s Wiffle & More. My french toast had strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mango, and fresh whipped cream on cinnamon sourdough bread with Nutella drizzle to top it off. It comes with peanut butter but just ask for Nutella instead. THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER.

I had my first ever acai bowl and I am praying and hoping that I can find one as delicious and beautiful when I return home. I got this from Backyard Bowls and I just want to live in LA to eat there every day. I did get extra granola on the side– I love the extra crunch!  I have been to Guisados before w/Mimi & Norris (here) and back then I was eating meat. This time around I tried the pescado, calabacitas and camarones again. Out of the three, my favorite was the calabacitas.  

I ate at soooo many yummy places during my trip so if you are ever in LA and need some more suggestions feel free to hit me up here. I am excited to share more about my journey of no meat and the changes I have been seeing but for now book that flight to LA!


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