DIY Jeans & Men’s Shirt Hack


So first I must say that this entire challenge has been just that…a challenge! Two weeks ago there was hurricane Irma and I was blessed enough to not lose power and then I went out into the aftermath to capture some photos of my submission. Then two weeks ago I had a big trip planned so I had to do EVERYTHING in two days. Then the BIGGEST challenge of all…THIS week! I got the challenge and I was super excited to have an extra few days and then before I could even get started I ended up in the emergency room twice plus an overnight stay. I had originally planned on making my black pair and then a dark blue pair of jeans because I really wanted to the judges to see my detailed topstitching. I am thankful that healing took place and I was able to stay in the competition. I went with what I wanted…a black pair of skinny jeans! I will say this is the BEST piece I have sewn to date! I took GREAT CARE in making these and I think that even though I used black fabric and the topstitching is black it will still wow the judges and everyone else…including myself!

Back pockets detail. Wasit band. Yoke. Belt loops. Matching seams. (Cleaned up any loose threads afterward)

The funny thing is I made this same exact pattern before- MimiG S8222 skinny jeans- and I didn’t finish them because I was NOT PLEASED! I will now make this pattern over and over because this time I think I almost perfected the pattern! Practice really does make perfect. Mimi G has a sew-along video that you can follow in order to make your own! I did make a few changes for fitting! I cut a size smaller because I learned from my first make that I needed a 12 instead of a 14…which is the designated size based on my measurements. I also adjusted the width of the belt loops which you will see in the picture below. They were too wide for my liking. I also kept the length of the size 14 and cut the rest of the pattern as a 12.

I decided to pair my jeans with an off the shoulder shirt, which was a DIY from an old men’s button-up. Keeping with the last three challenges I decided to stick with the black jeans because as you know it is my FAVE and every wardrobe needs a black pair of jeans! ENJOY!

Stay Classy and Stylish…until next time!



  1. October 16, 2017 / 6:05 pm

    Just…. daaaaang girl!

      October 31, 2017 / 1:50 am

      awww thank you!

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