Hangin’ w/ Mimi & Norris + Studio Sneak Peak

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang with Mimi G and Norris and I had a blast! I began following Mimi over four years ago when a friend of mine told me about her and how she sews and I was wanting to get into making MY OWN clothes. Over the past three years, I have attended her annual sewing conference. You can catch a recap of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of this year’s conference, which was her final one!

So let’s talk about what happened this trip! I went to the fabric district to grab a few things and then I walked over to Mimi’s Studio which was just around the corner from the fashion district. Now I see why they are always just going to “grab a few things” all the time lol.

We went to Guisados and I had the camarones (shrimp), mole poblano (shredded chicken), and steak picado (flank steak). They were all sooooo YUMMY! I definitely recommend checking this spot out. I will say it takes about 3 tacos to get filled up and maybe four if you have a bigger appetite.

Back at the studio I had a chance to snap a few photos to share with you all some of my favorite things. First, this fabric organization with these shelves from Ikea is everything! I love how she has rolled the fabrics and it makes it so easy to see what is available. She has also cut a swatch of each fabric and stapled it to an index card that contains important information such as how much yardage she has remaining and the type of fabric it is. The large fabrics are folded and stored on top.

I think that it is VERY VITAL to have a vision board. You can place inspirational photos of projects you would like to make, along with sketches you may create yourself. I am in the process of working on my vision board and will be sure to share it with you all once it is complete. Just remember it is always a work in progress because as you see a vision come to pass you will dream bigger and replace it with another one! Mimi’s board had things that she is working on for future patterns and projects and just lots of awesome inspiration! I also love the cart with patterns on it- I am sure she has many more patterns but this may be an easy system to get to the ones she is working on for a season or something like that.

I love how she has the pattern pieces hanging this is actually something I am looking into doing because I think it would make things a lot easier when I get ready to sew, instead of having to take the pieces out and then iron them because they are all wrinkled up. These racks have a lot of Norris’s awesome projects and you can check out his IG or Blog to see more of these looks!

I love the fact that she has a record player, I was actually saying how I wanted one before I visited her studio!

I also love how the decor in the space reflects both Mimi and Norris’s style! The furniture in this space was so me! I love the pop of color with the yellow chair and that cow print ottoman….yassssss yasssss yassssss!

This last picture definitely inspired me to head home and get more organized. I also love how I have this very same globe from Target!

Stay Organized and Classy…until next time!



  1. Aashah
    October 1, 2017 / 7:03 am

    Hey this is Aashah, Pascale’s friend! It is so inspiring to see you living your dreams! You say you need a vision board, this seems like a virtual vision board to me lol! I wish you all the success that you can handle, as God rewards you for your diligence!

    God bless you! 💓

    • classyfiedstyle@gmail.com
      October 2, 2017 / 3:05 am

      THANK YOU LOVE! God bless you too!

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