Now that you know a little about Curvy, Curly, Conscious and Shelah Marie, I would like to recap my weekend for you all! Sooo on Thursday night, I finished sewing Shelah’s dress for the BIG DAY! I planned to wake up early on Friday to pack my things before leaving for work so that I would be ready to go right after dismissal! Well…that DID NOT HAPPEN. I woke up not so early and frantically began to pack the rest of my things and then I grabbed my suitcase, sewing machine, bag…and OH yes THE DRESS. Like Danesha DO NOT forget THE DRESS!

DIIIINNNGGGG!!!! School is out…YAY! Time to hit the road. One hour down…two hours…YAY three hours…**stops for gas** As I get back on the road at precisely exit 92 in Cordele, GA, driving down the fast lane (not going fast of course…), I hear a noise. A LOUD noise. An “I know that is not good noise” noise. I carefully slow down and pull over on the right shoulder… oh did I mention I was heading to have dinner with the CCC staff and volunteers?? Well, let’s make this sweet and short… Danesha wept. A friend saved the day via cash app. A tow and a tire. Made it to dinner. The end. We all know it was not that simple but the worst is over so now on to the MAIN EVENT!

On Sunday at 1:00 pm we (staff and volunteers) all met at the venue and with just three short hours to prepare we were all hands on deck with some amazing team power. THIS team was AMAZING!!

The event began with an hour of mingling over some delicious pies catered by Pienanny and OMG it was soooo good. I will say that I was super excited when I smelled the curry as she sliced the pies and I had to ask her if she was Jamaican…ummm YEP! It was so good that I ended up with two slices by the end…shhhh! She also had a vegan option and that made a LOT of women happy campers. At this time some women were getting massages provided by and

Shelah Marie sat with all the women and we took a moment to set our intentions for the day. I would recommend setting your intentions before the start of every day. It helps you clear your mind of the million and one things you may be thinking about and then helps you create a purpose for your day. That way you go forward with your day on purpose making choices that lead to your overall intentions you have set! I think that it would really assist anyone like me who can jump from task to task and not really accomplish things you really want/need to get done.

We then transitioned into a panel discussion with Shelah, Love Coach Dani Spikes of BeLoved Box, and creator of The Glamatory, Mimi J. I have heard Dani speak before at CCC Miami and boy did she DROP major nuggets in Miami and ATL! The focus of the panel discussion was developing a relationship with your self first because all your relationships are a direct reflection of YOU! They also discussed being a mompreneur, avoiding toxic people….i.e. F*CK BOYS, and becoming YOUR BEST SELF! After the panel discussion attendees broke out into small groups to have a more intimate and in depth discussion with the guest panelists.

Next we moved into some unconventional, ass shaking (MY FAVORITE), YOGA! This was led by none other than Trap Yoga BaeSee when she’s coming to a city near you…or just buy a ticket for somewhere and make it happen!

Meditation followed right after with Shelah! YAY! After meditation everyone took a moment to journal and then a few women shared out. It always amazes me when you hear testimonies of it being their first time ever meditating and they were just AMAZED! I can say I was too my very first time! TRY IT! I recommend journaling right after if you have a few minutes.

There were sooo many amazing vendors at this event and below I will highlight a few of my favorites but honestly they were all pretty damn DOPE!

Love Coach Dani Spikes with BeLoved Box – This product is tried and true! I have super sensitive skin and it works wonders for me! It is HEAVENLY…only way to describe her products!

Maya of MuurSwagg with Shelah Marie ( rocking her custom dress by yours truly!)

MurrSwagg spread reminded me of my future closet!

All Dem’ Shades…. I need all dem pieces!

I received these gifts from Adoch of Latam Wic

We ended the night with cupcakes and cocktails and a major turn up! Thankfully the Instagram stories are all erased because…**covers mouth** but yea it was definitely LIT!

 I know this blog post covered A LOT, but guess what!? There was a lot more, like massages, vegetarian meals, and a DIY scrub bar. So be sure to check out the recap done by Brianna (an attendee) over at The Eduslaytor.

Here’s the dream team in ATL. Can’t wait to be a part of CCC L.A….Until next time!



  1. Carliem
    September 2, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    Hello..i was admiring your website! Can you tell me what ecommerce site builder you used?

      September 3, 2017 / 10:08 pm

      I purchased a template through pipdig!

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