Get Lit, Get Enlightened!

WOOOOOOW! Let me say that backwards WOOOOOOW! I am not sure where to even start with sharing about my past weekend in Atlanta at the Curvy, Curly, Conscious event. Well, I guess I should enlighten on what CCC is and how it started before I share about CCC ATL in the next blog post!

What is Curvy, Curly, Conscious ?

Curvy, Curly, Conscious is the go-to place for women of color to connect but it is open to all women! This is a place where women can commune, connect and embark on their journies to self-love and care. The CCC experience focuses on promoting self- love, personal development, physical wellness, and meditation. The main goal is to provide women with space and tools to live out their best lives while learning to support one another. It is such a common thing to see women tearing one another down but this is a space to learn how to build one another up!

Who is Shelah Marie?

BOMB asf! Seriously though a friend of mind told me about Shelah less than a year ago and I began to follow her on Snap Chat. I found myself very entertained by her personality and then I began to feel like I could relate to her. She seemed very authentic and not like another celebrity with a platform trying to pretend like life is perfect. I was attracted to that vibe. She shared about real life shit! You know depression, anxiety, failure, fear….all the things people usually try to cover up and act like it doesn’t exist. I began to really even open up to myself because let’s face it I was one of THOSE people who “act” like these things did not exist. I NEEDED to be real with myself and begin to face all these things holding me back. When she released her meditation mixtape I had it on repeat basically and til this day it still helps me get through things and see my future! Please do yourself a huge favor (man or woman) and download the mixtape now! She is just AMAZING! She is not perfect- but she never said she was. She is REAL and nowadays that is truly all that MATTERS! Check out the links below for more info. on Shelah and her tags to follow her on social media.

How did I get involved?

I began to follow Shelah on Instagram shortly after I found her on SnapChat. Now let’s fast forward to April 2017. I saw a post where she was looking for women to do aphoto shoott and I responded and then attended. This was the day I discovered Shelah was EXACTLY who I thought she was as far as the parts of her I saw on social media. I then attended CCC Miami and it changed my life. Being in a room full of women dealing with the SAME issues as myself and also seeing how women of color could come together to support one another instead of tearing each other down. I WAS AMAZED! I actually arrived really early because I was sooooo excited and could not sleep. When I arrived I jumped right in and actually became more of a volunteer than an attendee. I got to reap the benefits and serve women at the same time and that was EVERYTHING for me! After that experience, I decided that no matter what it took I wanted to volunteer at EVERY CCC event to come! Unfortunately, I did not make it to the event in Chicago but Atlanta was this past weekend and I was there with all hands on deck! It was yet another amazing experience meeting women from all different walks of life and seeing us come together as one. There was soooo many tears shed, burdens lifted, support, laughter, and fun all in one day! I mean this with everything in me…if you are a woman and you have NOT attended a CCC event yet you NEED to be at the last event of this tour! Get your tickets NOW for L.A. and if you don’t have any friends willing to go with you do like I did and go alone because you are guaranteed to make friends when you arrive! Buy your ticket here. See you in Los Angeles!

Get Lit, Get Enlightened…until next time!


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