Essence Fest 2017 Recap + A Bonus

So guys I attended the Essence Festival in New Orleans two weeks ago. I loved the energy in the convention center as it was filled with beautiful women of all different shapes, sizes, melanin and curl patterns! I was just so blown away with all of the BEAUTIFUL outfits I saw- I even tried to snap some pictures on the sly so I could go home and sew up my own version of everything I loved! There were so many amazing vendors and you will find some pictures below of some of my favorite items/brands I discovered at the Festival. I look forward to having my very own booth selling my own amazing creations!

Find details on this DIY Tropical Splash Set here.

I ran into this beauty from high school- just take a look at these amazing outfits! 

Kashmir Thompson is a 26 year old visual artist from Cleveland, OH currently residing in Georgia. Check out her dope work and shop here.

 I am still looking for the information for this artist- I think I misplaced the business card! If you know who it is please let me know in the comment section below.

 To see more of these amazing pieces click here.

I believe that you have to invest in your brand and therefore Classyfied Life had it’s own filters for Essence Festival weekend!

On Sunday Night I attended the concert mainly because CHANCE THE RAPPER was closing it out! I also had the opportunity to see Solange, Master P and his whole dang family (insert eye roll), Mystikal, Juvenile, and a few others. Chance the Rapper was everything I could have wanted and more! I admire the way he uses his platform and will forever be a fan as long as he keeps doing what he does!

BONUS!!!! Here are 5 Tips on what I would do differently for the next Essence Festival weekend!

  1. Arrive Thursday night to ensure that you can partake in the Friday activities.
  2. Get to the convention center at least an hour before it begins so that      you can be first in line at the stands that you are interested in visiting. You can use the app (like I did) to plan a schedule of events that you would be interested in attending.
  3. REGISTER for events that YOU MUST REGISTER to attend! (This year I wanted to attend the screening of Insecure Season 2 and when I got to the line I heard people talking about tickets and confirmation emails…NONE of which I knew you needed!)
  4. Visit the vendors at some point on Friday as they could sell out of a lot of things after the first day. Also take a business card so that you can find their shop just incase they have ran out of items or certain sizes.
  5. SMILE! Don’t be afraid to say hey or give some a compliment! We all like those! 🙂

Keep traveling…until next time!


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