Mimi G Conference Recap: Day 2

I started of day two rocking my wide sleeve, off- the- shoulder, African print dress! I had been wanting to make this design for awhile and I am so glad I tackled it before hopping on a plane to LAX. For those of you who sew and would like to recreate the look I will do a blog post soon explaining what I did!

Some of the amazing women I got to spend the weekend with!  Saturday was filled with many different classes and we got to sign up for four of them. The first class was by far my favorite, second to the presentation given at lunch by —-. My first class was taught by Joy McDonnell and it was about how to plan and build your wardrobe. I learn a lot and will be working hard to plan out my wardrobe staples and must-haves for each season!

Also because this appealed to the artsy/teacher side of me I was so happy to find that she had handouts as we as amazing color pencils that could be dipped in water! 

The next two classes I attended were taught by Kenneth King, the first one were cool tricks for sewing and the second class was on working with leather and fur.

My final class was taught by Rich Freshman and it was a class about tailoring. I wish I was able to take away more from this class but I plan to do some self teaching in order to tailor my store bought pieces.

This here is my love Candice Ayala she sews for her gorgeous daughter and you can check out more of her work here! She does some amazing upcycling as well! 

Saturday night we had a private shopping event at The Fabric Store where I bought some beautiful mustard yellow and olive green linen fabric. There was also cocktails and cupcakes provided.

Just some of the gorgeous fabrics they carry!  


Stay Classy and Stylish….until next time!


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