Rip the Runway: Recap

The first night of the conference began with a fashion show where women got to showcase their work. I am extremely proud of my pieces and although I did not place this year I can confidently say I SHUT SHIT DOWN….drops mic and exits stage left.

Okay, seriously I am very thankful for this opportunity because each year this particular part of the conference has boosted my confidence to all new heights. The ladies at the show, both those modeling and those in the audience, were sooooo supportive! I heard so many positive words after the show both in person and all over my social media accounts. I was also impressed by so many looks created by the other women in the show.

Brittany J Jones reaction is priceless as she cups her mouth and snaps a pic simultaneously!

The reaction of the judges and the host- Mimi G. Style– is EVERYTHING!

(All of the above photos were taken by the amazing Madalynn! Thank you so much for capturing the moment.) Also check out what Madalynn had to say about me in her post here.

I made a full circle skirt dress for my first look and brought back part of the top portion of my dress that won last year. The added detail down the back sealed the deal for me while designing this dress.

Last year’s winning dress below!

For my second look I did some major modifications to Mimi G’s pattern Simplicity 1116. My first time attending the conference I made this pattern with no modifications but this year I wanted to return to this pattern and make it mine and I believe I did just that!

My first year- Simplicity 1116.

I am so thankful that I met Leah (below) through my best friend Johora. It was such a pleasure spending the weekend with her and some of my other faves!

I also had a pleasant surprise when I saw that my friend from high school made it to see the show! I had invited her but I was not sure she would be able to make it. Thank you again E’lon for coming to support me.

Stay Classy and Stylish….until next time!



  1. Beverly Smith
    September 13, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    Girl favor is all over your design. I would be so honor if you could design the animal print dress for me and also the wrap. your design are all so beautiful.

      September 19, 2017 / 4:09 pm

      Thank you!

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