A Broad in London

Okay so I only had ONE day to explore London and believe me when I say I made the MOST of it! I of course captured the must have “tourist” picture with Big Ben, a red Double Decker bus, and the infamous red phone booth! I had a chance to visit the London Bridge as we as the Tower Bridge pictured below. When traveling eating is one of my favorite things to do and I usually indulge in a few desserts in smaller portions. Lastly, I did some shopping and the spot to hit in London is definitely PRIMARK! No worries if you don’t plan on going to London any time soon you can visit one of their newest locations in the US

Well of course I did something daring!

Best selfie ever! On the Tower Bridge.  The Tower Bridge.

The Mother Clucker– what a unique food truck!

Some of the best chicken tenders and fries I have had to date!

Unique donuts are always a must.

I chose the cinnamon one- it was DELICIOUS!   Ben’s cookies were sooooo delicious and there were soooo many options!

And one more selfie….because why not??

Keep traveling….until next time!


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