Quick Packing Tips for Abroad

Oh where am I going?? You know just a quick trip to LONDON! So I knew that I needed to pack smart so I started by figuring out my main outfit- I was attending a wedding- and then I went from there. I decided to hang all my top options on a rack so that I could figure out what could stay and what needed to go. I made sure I packed pieces that could be layered just in case the weather decided to switch up on me…which it did! 

I made my final decisions based on the four pairs of shoes I decided to pack. I brought the heels along for the wedding, the sneakers for comfort and the boots because lets face it London weather can be UNPREDICTABLE especially this time of year. I also always dress very comfortable while traveling. This was my longest flight to date so I made sure I was extra comfortable which including packing a warm blanket for my 10 hour plane ride!

When traveling internationally there are a few vital items one cannot forget.

1. Passport…or you won’t get very far

2.Plug adaptor – if you plan on traveling do yourself a favor and invest in a universal adaptor found here (under $4!)

3. Portable cell phone charger…thank me later! ( there MANY kinds so the options are endless)

4. An iPhone and MacBook are always a plus…especially if you blog 🙂

5. Now go out and travel the world! -Love, Laugh, & Dream

Keep traveling…until next time!


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