Never A Failure, Always An Opportunity

Well it all started with a super light BEAT face! Ok, ok…not really. So a few months ago…April to be exact…I decided to apply to be a flight attendant. I…

DIY Jeans & Double Denim

Hangin’ w/ Mimi & Norris + Studio Sneak Peak

L.A. Recap Pt. 1

Switch It Up Like…

FIRST THING FIRST….I NEED YOUR VOTE HERE! Now….. Sew, for this week’s challenge we had to do a look that could be transformed from day to night. The rules were…

Fall is (almost) B(l)ack Y’all!

A Blank Slate…What Did I Create??

The Fabricista Fabric Challenge

Jaya Rue…Just for YOU!

So this weekend it seemed like everybody and their momma was doing something on 8/26! Well although I gotĀ invited to about five different events, and got asked to babysit, I…


Get Lit, Get Enlightened!

OOTD: Red, White and Who…wants a pair??