Londyn Turns 1 w/Minnie

So Aunty’s Chocolate Baby aka Londyn turned one this month and we had a huge celebration yesterday (1/27) and OMG our DIY outfits by me came out sooooooo¬†cute!! I will…

OOTD: Velvet Bodysuit #1

2017 Top Nine + 1

The Mint Dress

Vision Board DIY

So the New Year is right around the corner and although I have BIG plans for 2018 I am not WAITING for January to get started. One thing that I…

Sprout X Burda Style + ME

Winter/Holiday Pattern Haul + A Secret

Never A Failure, Always An Opportunity

DIY Jeans & Men’s Shirt Hack

VOTE HERE for the FINAL CHALLENGE! So first I must say that this entire challenge has been just that…a challenge! Two weeks ago there was hurricane Irma and I was…

Hangin’ w/ Mimi & Norris + Studio Sneak Peak

L.A. Recap Pt. 1

Switch It Up Like…